Colorado Wants to Ban Pot Brownies, Cookies, Candies
 October 20th 2014
Colorado health officials want to ban many edible forms of marijuana, including brownies, cookies and most candies. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has recommended that retail marijuana edibles be limited to lozenges and tinctures. 
The recommendation has been obtained by The Associated Press in advance of a third and possibly final workgroup meeting Monday to draw up rules for identifiable markers or colors for edible marijuana products so they won

تصمیم مقامات بهداشت کلورادو به ممنوعیت اکثر محصولات خوراکی حاوی ماریجوانا

مقامات بهداشت کلورادو در نظر دارند انواع مختلفی از فرم های خوراکی ماریجوانا را ممنوع کنند. تصمیم نهایی بر عهده دپارتمان ...

October 17, 2014
Governor races are key to 2016 election
By Bruce N. Gyory
In terms of governing, the battle for partisan control of the United States Senate is the most important political contest on this year’s ballot.  But for those trying to read the tea leaves for early signs of advantage heading into the 2016 presidential contest, the governors’ races will be the mandatory field of study.

The reason is three fold.  First, governors usually control their party’s machinery and therefore can power get-out-the-vote drives in the swing Electoral College states.  Second, several of this year’s swing gubernatorial contests are in states that the GOP must retake to have a clear path to 270 electoral votes (e.g., Florida, Colorado and Wisconsin).  Third, the Democrats are trying this year to make headway in gubernatorial races in states which they hope to turn purple by the end of the decade (e.g., Texas and Georgia), so that they can credibly stretch the 2016 Electoral College map.
When you distill all this down and factor out the races that turn more on state politics in order to spotlight the swing states for 2016, four races loom large.  The re-elections of Democrat Hickenlooper vs. Beauprez in Colorado, and three Republican governors: Deal vs. Carter in Georgia, Walker vs. Burke in Wisconsin and Florida’s Scott vs. the former Republican, now Democrat, Crist.
If either party can take three of these four races on Nov. 4, presidential handicappers will have their pencils sharpened charting the potential impact.

If these races split two for each side, the gubernatorial race in Texas could emerge as the perceptual tiebreaker.  Can Democrat Wendy Davis cut the Republican Attorney General Gregg Abbott’s margin under 10 percent or does the GOP still win by margins exceeding 15 percent (the public polling data when you factor in the margins of error point in opposite directions).

Interestingly, the Hispanic vote could play an outsized role in all five states except Wisconsin.  Conventional wisdom says the Hispanic vote will be low in these off year elections.  Yet, in 2010, stronger than expected Hispanic turnout defied that conventional wisdom and was responsible for the upset victories of incumbent Democratic Sens. Reid in Nevada and Bennett in Colorado.

This year, Georgia can become the litmus test for measuring the Hispanic vote’s impact.  The 2014 exit polls further revealed that Georgia’s electorate was 61 percent White, 30 percent Black, 8 percent Hispanic and 1 percent Asian

If Georgia’s Hispanic share, drops back to a 5 percent share of the electorate on Nov. 4 or in the potential run-off, that bodes well for Republican Nathan Deal’s re-election.  But what if the Hispanic share crosses 9 percent amidst low overall turnout, tracking the Hispanic trend line growth in Georgia’s electorate, Democrat Jason Carter could reclaim his grandfather’s chair as governor.

This basic arithmetic lodged in Hispanic turnout for Georgia could also re-elect Hickenlooper in Colorado and return Crist to the governor’s mansion in Florida.

Republicans sensing correctly that Hispanic voters are angry because comprehensive immigration reform has not passed in Congress, believe Hispanics will in effect say a pox on all your houses and not vote their registration weight.  This conventional wisdom is probably correct.

But what if Hispanic voters reach a different conclusion?  Namely, if a growing Hispanic share moving toward the Democrats drives the outcome in Florida, Colorado and Georgia, that could completely change the Karma of immigration politics.  If Republican governors learn to fear that losing the Hispanic vote, even in an off year elections, that could trigger a re-calculation of how the politics of immigration truly cuts.  Will Hispanic voters seize this opportunity?

At the end of the day, serious students of governance will keep their attention on the U.S. Senate races, but presidential handicappers will focus on whether there is a purple haze forming around this year’s gubernatorial results in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Wisconsin and perhaps the margin in Texas.  Their gaze will be upon which shade of purple hovers around our politics, heading into 2016: bright reddish magenta or the deeper blue of royal purple.  Meanwhile, the ultimate color of purple this year may harbor the subtle tint of brown.

اهمیت بسیار زیاد رقابت های فرمانداری امسال در انتخابات ریاست جمهوری سال 2016

امسال، نتیجه رقابت فرمانداری در سطح ایالات کلیدی می تواند بر نتیجه انتخابات ریاست جمهوری سال 2016 تاثیرگذار باشد. اگر بر ...

Colorado Senate race: Slightly smaller lead for Gardner over Udall in latest poll
Oct 16, 2014
The latest public poll in Colorado

نظرسنجی پیرامون رقابت سنای آمریکا در کلورادو: کاندیدای جمهوریخواه همچنان پیشتاز است

آخرین نظرسنجی دانشگاه کوئینیپاک نشان می دهد که کوری گاردنر با اختلاف 6 درصدی از سناتور یودال جلوتر است. در نظرسنجی ماه گذشته ...

Ebola seeps into Colorado Senate race
Associated Press
 October 13, 2014
DENVER (AP) - The Ebola outbreak is becoming a subject of debate in the Colorado Senate race.
It began last week at a debate in Pueblo. Democratic Sen Mark Udall attacked his Republican challenger for voting to cut $300 million from the Centers for Disease Control, which is charged with containing the disease in the United States. On Monday, Rep. Cory Gardner hit back, noting that Udall had also voted to cut CDC funding in a budget deal.
The cuts Gardner voted for were deeper than Udall

کلورادو -بهره برداری کاندیداهای سنا از شیوع بیماری مهلک "ابولا"

هفته گذشته، سناتور یودال از رقیب جمهوریخواه خود بخاطر رای دادن به کاهش بودجه "مرکز کنترل بیماری ها" انتقاد کرد. این هفته ...

Should Colorado repeal legal marijuana?
Brandon Rittiman, KUSA6:15 p.m. MDT October 10, 2014
ORT COLLINS, Colo. - Nearly a year into legalized sales of recreational pot, the two main candidates for Colorado governor mulled the idea of repealing the law in a 9NEWS debate Thursday.
Republican challenger Bob Beauprez (a former congressman) advocated for a statewide vote on repealing the legalized sale of cannabis.
Gov. John Hickenlooper said a vote on repeal would be "premature," but agreed there is cause for alarm over the effect the drug might have on young people.
a hospital executive who told him, "I think we

مناظره کاندیداهای فرمانداری کلورادو: احتمال لغو مصرف قانونی ماریجوانا

در مناظره روز پنج شنبه بین کاندیداهای فرمانداری ایالت کلورادو، بیپرز و فرماندار هیکنلوپر هر دو به احتمال رای گیری برای لغو ...

The race for the Senate: Colorado
High, tolerant and Republican?
In a state that smiles on pot and same-sex marriage, Democrats are in trouble
Oct 11th 2014 | DENVER | From the print edition
RECREATIONAL pot is legal in Colorado. So, from this week, is gay marriage. So you might think liberals would find it easy to win elections here. Yet Barack Obama is so unpopular in Colorado that when Mark Udall, a Democratic senator fighting for re-election, skipped one of his own fundraisers at the last minute, everyone assumed it was because Mr Obama was to headline it.
This is quite a turnaround. Like several Democrats in swing states, Mr Udall was first elected to the Senate on Mr Obama

آیا دموکرات های کلورادو تاوان عملکرد خود را پس خواهند داد؟

به نظر می رسد امسال دموکرات های کلورادو با مشکلی جدی در انتخابات روبرو هستند. عملکرد حزب دموکرات در قوه مقننه و قوه مجریه ...

Cory Gardner opens lead over Mark Udall in Colorado Senate race
Gov. John Hickenlooper, challenger Bob Beauprez in dead heat: poll

By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 8, 2014
DENVER - A Fox News poll released Wednesday showed Republican Rep. Cory Gardner pulling away from Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, with a 6-point lead in the Colorado Senate race.
The poll, conducted by Anderson Robbins Research/Shaw & Company Research, had Mr. Gardner leading Mr. Udall by 43 to 37 percent. Four of the last five surveys have placed Mr. Gardner ahead by anywhere from 1 to 8 percentage points, according to RealClearPolitics.com.
Meanwhile, Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Republican Rep. Bob Beauprez were tied at 42 to 42 percent in the governor

نظرسنجی فاکس نیوز: برتری گاردنر در رقابت سنای آمریکا در ایالت کلورادو

نظرسنجی فاکس نیوز که روز چهارشنبه منتشر شد، نشان می دهد که در رقابت سنای آمریکا در ایالت کلورادو، کوری گاردنر جمهوریخواه با اختلاف 6 درصد جلوتر از سناتور یودال دموکرات قرار دارد. بیشتر نظرسنجی های اخیر ...

Pot, immigration trip up governor, Senate candidates in Denver debates
By Joey Bunch
The Denver Post
POSTED:   10/06/2014
Colorado voters were "reckless" for legalizing retail marijuana, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Monday, during a pair of debates marked by candidates who dealt with uneasy positions and pivots. "I

برگزاری مناظره بین کاندیداهای ایالت کلورادو در دو حوزه فرمانداری و سنا

روز دوشنبه دو مناظره در ایالت کلورادو برگزار شد، یکی مناظره میان کاندیداهای سنای آمریکا در کلورادو و دیگری میان کاندیداهای فرمانداری. مسائلی مانند قانونی کردن ماریجوانا، قوانین مهاجرتی و امنیت عمومی در ...

Colorado Senate race: three debates this week between Mark Udall, Cory Gardner
By Lynn Bartels
The Denver Post
October 5, 2014, 2:12 am
U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger, Congressman Cory Gardner, square off three times this week, including the Denver Post

کلورادو در آستانه برگزاری سه مناظره بین کاندیداهای رقابت سنای آمریکا

با نزدیک شدن به زمان انتخابات، ترافیک مناظره بین کاندیداهای رقابت سنای آمریکا در ایالت کلورادو بیشتر شده است. این هفته گاردنر و یودال سه مرتبه در مناظره های مختلف رو در روی هم قرار خواهند گرفت.

Women and Getting Out the Vote Are Keys to Colorado Senate Race
By Pema Levy
Filed: 10/2/14
To understand the Democrats

کلید موفقیت دموکرات ها در رقابت سنای کلورادو

امسال دموکرات ها با تکیه بر الگوی سال 2010 سناتور بنت در رقابت های پیش رو پیروز شوند. موفقیت چهار سال پیش مایکل بنت بستگی به دو رویکرد داشت: جذب رای دهندگان زن با تاکید بر حق سقط جنین و دسترسی به روش ...

Mitt Romney stumps for Bob Beauprez in Littleton
By Joey Bunch
The Denver Post
POSTED:   09/29/2014  
UPDATED:   09/30/2014 
Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, lent his support to Bob Beauprez

حضور میت رامنی در کلورادو برای حمایت از بیپرز در رقابت فرمانداری این ایالت

میت رامنی، نامزد ریاست جمهوری سال 2012 از حزب جمهوریخواه، روز دوشنبه برای حمایت از باب بیپرز- نامزد فرمانداری کلورادو- در این ایالت حضور یافت.

Lamborn under attack for saying military leaders should resign
By Megan Schrader
The Gazette
POSTED:   09/28/2014
COLORADO SPRINGS - U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn came under attack from his opponent Friday for telling a small group of voters this week that military officials should resign in protest and "go out in a blaze of glory" over disagreements with President Barack Obama.
In a video given to The Gazette on Friday, Lamborn is seen speaking to a room of conservative voters in Colorado Springs on Tuesday.
Someone in the audience urges Lamborn to support the generals and troops "despite the fact that there is no leadership from the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House."
Lamborn smiles after the reference to the Islamic group that was active in the Arab Spring overthrow of Egypt

نماینده کلورادو: رهبران نظامی در اعتراض به عملکرد اوباما استعفا دهند

داگ لامبرن، نماینده کلورادو در مجلس نمایندگان آمریکا، این هفته در جمع محافظه کاران کلورادو اعلام کرده بود که رهبران نظامی برای نشان دادن اعتراض خود به عملکرد اوباما باید از سمت خود استعفا دهند. اظهارات ...

Experts: Unclear whether Gardner

تکیه نامزد جمهوری خواه کلورادو بر ترفند حمایت از فروش قرصهای ضد بارداری

دموکرات ها که با تبلیغات وسیع سعی دارند چهره ای منفی از حزب جمهوریخواه در قبال مسائل مربوط به زنان نشان دهند، از پیشنهاد کوری گاردنر جمهوریخواه برای فروش قرص های جلوگیری از بارداری آن هم بدون نسخه پزشک ...

Hunt: Democrats need surge of women to retain Senate majority
By Albert R. Hunt | Bloomberg View
Published Sep 23 2014
WASHINGTON • Democrats know that keeping control of the Senate this election year isn’t a man’s job. Success will depend on the votes of women.

This year, it’s Democrats who are on the defensive. In the 10 most competitive Senate races, they are counting on different assets in different states: solid turnout of black voters in the South, Hispanics in Colorado and Alaskan natives.
But almost everywhere, Democrats need a big margin — at least in the double digits — with female voters.

The commercial and campaigns reflect this priority. In addition to the economy, Medicare and Social Security, the emphasis is on ending pay discrimination based on gender, making contraception readily available and covered by insurance,and, in some states, the right to abortion or stressing issues that seem more important to women — for example, education in North Carolina. Some Democratic campaigns are conducting focus groups only with women to gauge intensity and nuances.

Democratic strategists, citing polls, insist these issues are resonating in many tight Senate contests.

Republicans counter that the larger gender gap is the one Democrats have with men, and that the women’s vote is more complex. Married white women are more likely to be Republican, as are older voters. In a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, a plurality of women age 50 or older gave higher marks to Republicans on dealing with the economy. The Democrats’ advantage on gender is focused on younger singles and women of color.

A look at several crucial states underscores the centrality of gender in November:

• In Colorado, incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Udall is being challenged by Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. In the Senate race four years ago, Democrat Michael Bennet eked out a victory over a right-wing challenger by winning the women’s vote, 56 percent to 39 percent. Most polls show Udall with a small lead thanks to similar advantages with women.

But a Quinnipiac survey last week showed Gardner ahead, as Udall only had a three-point advantage with women. Gardner, who recently supported a personhood measure that would have banned all abortions and some contraceptives, is trying to strike a more moderate posture; he embraces the sale of contraceptives over-the-counter.

Democrats say they relish this debate — other Republicans are adopting the same tack — as these Republicans no longer would require insurance companies to cover contraceptives, which would become very expensive for some women. The Udall campaign will hammer this and other appeals to women in the closing six weeks.

In Iowa, where a woman never has been elected to the U.S. Senate or governor, Republicans think their female candidate, state Senator Joni Ernst, will enable them to reduce the gender gap. In the last presidential election, President Barack Obama carried this swing state by six points, running up a 19-point margin with female voters. The two parties disagree on whether Republican women candidates generally do better with female voters; Democrats are cautiously optimistic that their candidate, Rep. Bruce Braley, will prevail in November. Iowa is a good laboratory for the debate in 2014.

• Georgia may be the Democrats’ best chance of taking over a Republican-held seat, though it’s an uphill battle. The Democratic candidate is Michelle Nunn, the daughter of the popular senator, Sam Nunn. She is running against David Perdue, a businessman. And a woman’s issue is the centerpiece of her campaign: She is attacking Perdue’s record as a chief executive officer, including his tenure at Dollar General Corp., which faced pay-discrimination suits brought by several thousand female employees.

The tagline on Nunn’s commercial: "Can the women of Georgia trust David Perdue?"

نیاز شدید دموکرات ها به رای زنان برای حفظ اکثریت سنای آمریکا

دموکرات ها که امسال تحت فشار شدیدی برای حفظ اکثریت سنای آمریکا هستند، به رای زنان نیاز زیادی دارند.

Revisionist Right-Wing Agenda Causes Students to Protest Proposed History Curriculum
September 24, 2014 By Rachel Donald
Hundreds of Denver high-school students stormed out of class on Tuesday in protest of a student board’s proposal to focus history education on topics that would encourage respect for authority, patriotism and citizenship.

According to the Denver Post, tensions have been building up for some time, mainly because of two issues: the proposed curriculum and the evaluation-based system for rewarding raises to educators. However, it was the new curriculum proposal that caused an unprecedented escalation. It would call for the promotion of topics that would highlight the “positive aspects” of the United States as well as its heritage, while avoiding material that could encourage or condone “civil disorder”, “social strife” or “disregard of the law”.

Two high schools closed on Friday in response to the proposed curriculum, as over 50 teachers either took personal days or called in sick. On the following Monday, students from six high schools began protests.

According to participants, their demonstration had been organized by word of mouth as well as social media, and involved students waving American flags and carrying signs that read “There is nothing more patriotic than protest.”

Countless students expressed their disapproval of the board’s proposal claiming that:

“I don’t think my education should be censored. We should be able to know what happened in our past,”

said Tori Leu, 17, from the Ralston Valley High School in Colo.

“Our entire history, things that changed America for the better, were acts of civil disobedience. The Declaration of Independence was an act of civil disobedience.”

Debbie Velarde, a junior at Wheat Ridge High school told reporters.

Last year, a conservative majority was apparently elected to the school board, which hired a new superintendent after clashes with the previous one. Julie Williams, part of the board’s conservative majority, is believed to have proposed the changes in the history curriculum.

The proposal hasn’t been voted on yet.

اعتراض گسترده دانش آموزان دنور به خاطر برنامه درسی پیشنهادی از سوی محافظه کاران

در پی اعلام برنامه آموزشی پیشنهادی جدید برای درس تاریخ دبیرستان ها، صدها نفر از دانش آموزان دبیرستانی شهر دنور در ایالت کلورادو روز سه شنبه در اعتراض به این تغییرات از کلاس های خود خارج شدند. در برنامه ...

Negative campaign ads dominate Colorado Senate race
September 21, 2014
Television campaign attack ads dominating airwaves across the state depict Colorado

کلورادو - گستردگی تبلیغات منفی در رقابت سنا

با نزدیک شدن به انتخابات چهارم نوامبر، تبلیغات تلویزیونی کمپین های انتخاباتی سنای آمریکا در کلورادو به شدت سعی در تخریب نامزدهای یکدیگر دارند.

Andrew Romanoff

کلورادو - نقش پول در رقابت حساس حوزه سیاسی ششم

در رقابت حساس بین مایک کافمن- نماینده کلورادو در مجلس نمایندگان آمریکا- و اندرو رومانف دموکرات برای کسب کرسی حوزه سیاسی ششم کلورادو که شامل منطقه مهم دنور و حومه است، سوالات و انتقاداتی درباره هزینه های ...

Polls show Coloradans not sold on Hickenlooper
By John Frank and Jesse Paul
The Denver Post
POSTED: 09/17/2014

Coloradans are showing signs they are open to the idea of unseating an elected governor for the first time in 52 years, as one new poll shows a close race and another gives the challenger the edge.
Gov. John Hickenlooper appeared impermeable six months ago, but as the race enters the final weeks Republican Bob Beauprez, a former congressman, is keeping pace even as he gets outspent on television advertising.
"For the first time in his political life, (Hickenlooper) is in a fight for his political life," said Eric Sondermann, an independent political analyst. "He has never been in the kind of head-on-head, flip-a-coin kind of battle."
A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesdays rattled the Colorado political landscape when it reported Beauprez held a 10-point lead against Hickenlooper - 50 percent to 40 percent - in what most consider a deadlocked race. The numbers gave a quick fundraising boost for Beauprez, the campaign said, but another poll released hours later tempered any suggestion of a GOP surge.
That USA Today/Suffolk University survey, conducted Saturday through Tuesday, gave Hickenlooper a two-point edge against Beauprez, 43 percent to 41 percent, a statistical tie within the 4.4 percent margin of error.
The results aligned with a Denver Post/SurveyUSA poll of likely voters conducted last week that showed Hickenlooper at 45 percent and Beauprez at 43 percent, again a dead heat within the 3.9 percent margin of error.
Another early September poll from NBC News/Marist poll also found a close race with Hickenlooper at 43 percent and Beauprez at 39 percent, a 4-point lead just outside the margins.
The Quinnipiac poll is the outlier, but taken together the surveys indicate voters are at least considering their options, observers say.

احتمال رویگردانی رأی دهندگان کلورادو از فرماندار هیکنلوپر

نظرسنجی دانشگاه کوئینی پیاک که در روز چهارشنبه منتشر شد، نشان داد که برای اولین بار باب بیپرز جمهوریخواه از فرماندار هیکنلوپر پیشی گرفته است. این خبر آرامش عرصه سیاسی کلورادو را به هم ریخت.

September 16, 2014, 9:30 am
Joe Biden to visit Denver this Friday; focus is scourge of domestic abuse
WASHINGTON - Vice President Joe Biden plans to travel to Denver on Friday for "an event on domestic violence," according to administration officials.
No other details were immediately available, but the Biden visit is timely for several reasons. Not only has the scourge of domestic abuse been highlighted in the news recently because of the actions of football player Ray Rice, but this month marks the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, which Biden championed in the U.S. Senate.
"We know there is still more to do, but years of struggle and progress have spurred a national understanding that you can

سفر جو بایدن به دنور در هفته پیش رو

جو بایدن، معاون ریاست جمهوری، قصد دارد روز جمعه برای شرکت در رویدادی مرتبط به "خشونت خانگی" به شهر دنور سفر کند. سفر وی می تواند به نفع سناتور یودال در رقابت سنای آمریکا باشد. یودال تلاش زیادی برای جلب ...

Colorado Senate: Udall holds lead but race could go "either way"
By Lynn Bartels
The Denver Post
POSTED:   09/11/2014 
U.S. Sen. Mark Udall leads Republican challenger Cory Gardner by 4 percentage points in a new Denver Post poll that shows the Democratic incumbent is ahead among unaffiliated and female voters.
The poll showed Coloradans are split over which candidate would make the best decisions in office and who is more trustworthy.
The race "could go either way" at this point, according to SurveyUSA, which conducted the poll this week for The Post. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.
Udall received 46 percent support to Gardner

نظرسنجی: برتری 4 درصدی سناتور یودال در رقابت برای تصاحب کرسی کلورادو در مجلس سنای آمریکا

نظرسنجی جدید نشان می دهد که در رقابت سنای آمریکا در کلورادو، سناتور یودال با 4 درصد اختلاف از کوری گاردنر جمهوریخواه جلوتر است.